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1122 Rivoli (16-18mm)
1201 27mm Stones
4920/4921 Fancy Ovals


Bicones 5328
Rounds 5000  
Cubes 5601

Rondelles 5040 ($2.00)
Sew-ons ($1.00-$2.00)
Margarites 3700 ( $1.00)

Fancy Shapes
6920 4 hole chatons
4139, 4439 Frames/Rings
5200 Football

5305 Wafer Spacers(all $2.00)
5500 Teardrop
5621 Twisted
6200 Pendants



Swarovski Crystal Beads

The Swarovski Company was started in 1895 in Austria and is known by the graceful swan logo and their brilliant full cut crystal. The quality of the cutting and the polishing of the crystal is what makes the beads so special.
You can tell the difference between Swarovski and "fire polish" glass by just looking. Swarovski beads glimmer. They seem alive as light passes through the facets of the crystal. Touch Swarovski beads and you will feel the sharpness of the facets.
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